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Release Radar | 018


Last week, Alex Noelle released her indie pop bop 'Ludlow'. The organic sounds of piano and endless fun background vocals set this production apart from other synth pop hits. This song takes honest, relatable lyrics, and adds upbeat, catchy melodies to make you wonder why you're still worrying about your ex instead of dancing through the day.

Alex Noelle is a singer / songwriter living in Nashville, originally from New Jersey. Her honest-to-a-fault lyrics are relatable, insightful, and at times, playfully dark. Mixed with a pure vocal tone and rhythm-driven instrumentals, her sound blends the likes of Sara Bareilles, Hozier, and Maggie Rogers.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @alexnoellemusic


As the first writing collaboration between PRIMME and The Voice’s Owen Danoff, new track 'Brooklyn' centers around the longing for reconnection after a breakup and the pain of revisiting old memories. The song's dark melodic edge is reminiscent of a heartbreaking Chelsea Cutler ballad, while fusing haunting & ear-catching production elements, similar to those of Troye Sivan & Lauv.

PRIMME is a New York City-based pop recording artist, producer, and performer. Growing up in the 90s, PRIMME has been inspired by a narrative songwriting style that he infuses with elements of EDM and R&B as he creates his own flavor of dancefloor-thumping pop. What makes any PRIMME song a signature is the shimmer on the surface with the production and the bubbling ethos underneath it because of the autobiographic songwriting.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @primmemusic


Crash Cathedral released new song 'MoodRing' this week. The track is about a very particular kind of deceit; one that you can only feel when you truly thought you knew someone and understood their intentions. This song is a look at what happens when someone else's bad habits and lesser qualities collide with the pedestal you put them on - and the destruction that can do to your psyche.

The band say,

"Musically and aesthetically; we really wanted to capture a perfect marriage between our dark-pop sensibilities and some lesser explored influences from the goth and industrial world, especially the music of the late 80's and early 90's. The guitar tones and choice of synth & electronic textures evoke some of our influences from those more alternative genres, while the vocals, songwriting and production are rooted in pop."

Crash Cathedral approaches writing and performing radio-ready alt-pop from a unique perspective; in fact, from the complete opposite side of the musical spectrum. With years of experience in the metal, hardcore, goth, and industrial scenes, the members of CC are no strangers to writing dark, esoteric music with an alternative leaning.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @crashcathedral


Hailing from Chicago, Los Angeles-based pop artist Maddi Jane is giving us pure emotion in her captivating new ballad ‘Butterfly Effect’.

Maddi’s latest single ‘Butterfly Effect’ delivers a rich and poignant soundscape through a compilation of dazzling synths, irresistible pop beats and powerful production. Accompanying this vibrant instrumental are Maddi’s commanding and empowering vocals that leave you awestruck. 

A rousing call of encouragement and inspiration, designed to lift your spirit and imbibe you with strength; Maddi explains how,

“I usually write songs to process something about my current situation or to communicate how I feel, but this song is different. It’s an experience, and a declaration. It’s the effect of artists helping each other, wanting nothing in return other than to make something we believe in. This song is a product of other people pouring into me”. 

With more music to come, Maddi aims to release a new EP before the year comes to an end, with her passion lying in creating and sharing fun and inspiring music that she can share with old and new fans alike.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @maddijanemusic


Victoria Anthony today released her single 'Real Life', which is the culmination of her relentless work ethic, undeniable talent, and involvement that goes beyond simply being a voice on a song. From pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering, Anthony has been attentive to every detail leading up to the release of 'Real Life', including having played an active role in her branding, on the artistic and visual aesthetics related to everything from the album artwork and singles covers, to conceptualizing her music videos. 

Victoria Anthony became a viral sensation in early 2018 after she hatched a plan to sing alongside P!NK, who was going to be performing a concert in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Anthony, then just 12 years old, began a social media campaign to make her dream a reality. It worked and Anthony serenaded P!NK during her concert at Rogers Arena. The video went crazy viral, she got major press all over the world, and the video was viewed over 100 million times.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @vicanthonymusic


Rising Austrian producer artist filous returns to the indie electro-pop scene with new single 'Trying Not To Think About You' ft. vocalist Nina Chuba. 'Trying Not To Think About You' is the second release from filous' forthcoming project and follows hit single 'Hey Love' ft. The Kooks, which garnered international praise from both fans and tastemakers.

Distinctly raspy vocals meet a funky, dimensional organ for a late-night, wind down feel. filous' widely-loved production style is anchored in this pop offering, with a seamless mix of electronic and live instruments. The track was written and recorded at their new creative home Villa Lala in Vienna.

"I tried to achieve an extra natural depth to the acoustic instruments by recording real reverb, using Villa Lala's stairway as a reverb chamber. What’s special about this song for me is that it 100% captures the easy going mood and the beautiful vibe of that day. It’s like a time capsule listening to it."

The 23-year-old visionary never ceases to stop creating and experimenting and in this new project his sound continues to evolve. filous, who got his start making music at the age of 10 playing guitar and other live instruments, was introduced to production by his brother and a world of opportunity opened up. He began combining both the live component and his production skills and started remixing for fun. Shortly thereafter, what was meant to just be a passion project quickly turned viral.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @filousmusic


Otys released new track 'Clockwork' today which truly aims to capture what feels like an endless cycle of searching, learning, and trying again.

"Be it love, or an adventure you're seeking, you can always start the clock again. Clockwork was produced by up and coming Seattle Producer Jake Crocker and is a testament to the hardwork and passion we've all brought everyday to the studio."

Intent on creating a sensation and painting a feeling infused with passion and depth, Otys blends electro pop with melodic singer/songwriting r&b.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @otysmusic


Marc Scibilia has today released his collaboration with Cory Wong, entitled 'This Dream'.

He says,

"I wrote this song about an afternoon I spent with my dad after he got diagnosed with brain cancer. The doctors had him on all these drugs that made him nearly insane for a period of time. It felt like a bizarre dream for me and I wanted to escape it. Then I had this realisation, he wasn’t going to be with us forever and when he’s gone I’ll wish I could be back to this moment."

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, chart-topping singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia’s been on a steady rise ever since the 2012 release of his breakout single, 'How Bad We Need Each Other.' In the last several years alone, he’s racked up more than 125 million streams across platforms; scored the most Shazamed moment of the 2015 Super Bowl with his stripped-down take on 'This Land Is Your Land'; seen his music featured in a slew of film and television soundtracks, written for artists as diverse as superstar DJ Robin Schulz, singer/songwriter Ben Rector, and rappers Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and Fabolous, and toured with James Bay, Zac Brown Band, Butch Walker, and Nick Jonas, among others.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @marcscibilia


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