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Rey D'Asian | Say Yes

Stockholm based artist Rey D’Asian, formerly known by the pseudonym Rey Mayari, is

back after six months in the studio and under a new artist alias and with his

new summer single 'Say Yes'.


Credit: Paul Edwards

'Say Yes' is a catchy perfect-for-summer pop anthem with smooth vocals and a melodic, upbeat and positive sound, something we all need at the moment. It could be described as spiritual pop, where he has explored a more unfiltered and undiscovered side of himself. The project is not only based on the musical aspect, but Rey D'Asian continues to give a lot of space for his visual talents as well.

Rey says:

"During quarantine and with everything going on in the world, I think we have all needed to rethink, reflect and process old crap that we in our everyday stressful life thought we had left behind. I, like many others, have a tough inner critic who tells me that who I am and what I do is not good enough. But I don't want that to control neither myself or my music. Say Yes is a high-frequency song that works as a reminder to myself and hopefully to others, to pause, breathe and live in the present"

He made his debut in 2019 with single 'Elevate / Escalate' and was praised not only for his captivating voice but for his statement regarding the lack of Asian representation in pop culture. One year has passed and 20 year old Alexander Malinao is now ready to show off his new sound, something that feels just right for the coming decade. It won't be long before we hear more, with his new EP due in Autumn.

Rey D'Asian moves in an experimental soundscape which is inspried by R&B, pop and psychedelia, but he tries to not stick within one box when it comes to his music.


Listen to 'Say Yes' HERE Instagram: @raytheasian


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