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Rhys Tolhurst | I Won't Give Up

Rhys Tolhust has released his latest single 'I Won't Give Up' following his earlier 2020 release 'Keep Dreaming'.


'I Won't Give Up' is self-written, self-produced and self-released by Rhys himself during lockdown. The track is an optimistic song about the pursuit of love when it is simply undeniable. Rhys's vocals truly shine through in this track with his smooth tone, complementing the tune. With a hooky melody, polished, modern production & 'U2 style guitars', this is Rhys's freshest track to date. A gorgeous addition to Rhys's discography.

Hailing from Cairns, bedroom artist and producer Rhys Tolhurst relocated to Australia's music capital Melbourne in 2016 to pursue his career. Having written and produced for Australian artist such as Andrew De Silva, CBD, Mitch Tambo and several others, Rhys works out of his home garage which he built into a studio.

In 2019, Rhys released 2 indie-pop tracks 'Traitor' and 'Paradise' and has since honed his craft as a producer and explored the diverse realms of his artistry. Following into this year, 'I Won't Give Up' was his second release and he plans to release 1 song every month for the rest of this year. Stay tuned for more!!


Listen to 'I Won't Give Up' HERE Instagram: @rhystolhurst


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