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'Boys Don’t Cry' (feat. JordyPurp) is the third single off of Rightfield’s upcoming sophomore album, and it’s special in more ways than one.


This big, hype, gritty earworm not only features hip-hop-meets-punk-pop wordsmith JordyPurp – a fellow genre-bending rising star, and collaborator of artists like As It Is, Set it Off, and FEVER 333 – who absolutely crushes his emotional verse, but it also touches on a heavier perspective lyrically than listeners are accustomed to hearing from Rightfield. It’s about growing up in the south, around a certain type of show-no-emotion hyper-masculinity, where you have to be everything your dad wants you to be. The theme throughout the track centers on the toxicity of a “rub some dirt in it” mentality, but despite its loaded lyrics, the track is sonically fun, loud, and amped all the way up – sure to get Rightfield fans moshing the night away.

Rightfield say,

"'Boys Don’t Cry' is about us growing up in the south around a certain type of show no emotion hyper-masculinity where we had to be everything our dads wanted us to be. When I was nine I broke two of my fingers at school but we had a baseball tournament the next day and my dad was the coach so he asked me if I was good to still play the tournament and of course, I said yes instead of getting my fingers fixed. To this day I don’t have use of one of my fingers because I thought the right thing to do was “rub in the dirt” and move on."

Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed The 1975 with Whitesnake, then threw some hip-hop lyricism and classic pop into the mix? Of course you haven’t, because what would that even sound like? Well, it would sound like Rightfield, the band formed by Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher in their freshman dorm at the University of Arkansas, and whose catalog of intimate bangers has now garnered nearly 6 million streams on Spotify, and climbing. Yes, intimate bangers. There feels like no other way to describe songs that could rev up an arena, and also keep everyone happy at a backyard cookout - songs that are somehow both sweeping and intimate, bold and personal.

'Boys Don't Cry' feat. JordyPurp is out now. Listen HERE @iloverightfield


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