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RIIKI REID has released her new electro pop banger, following on from her latest release 'Meet U Again', which she also released an official video for. The newest single, 'The Dream State' is an exploration of a night's sleep.


For RIIKI, 'The Dream State' was waking up amid a thunderstorm and then drifting back off to dreamland; reality and the creativity of her imagination merging inside her mind. Written and self-produced by RIIKI herself, the track compels you to reflect on the complexity of your mind when sleeping; that relatable experience where our dreams mirror our realities.

She explains,

“Dreams and the brain are such an interesting thing to learn about, and it intrigues me how things can happen in the real world and that can send your brain to some weird places in your sleep. Sometimes our dreams might mean we’re feeling more stressed out than usual in our life”

For RIIKI, this song is a depiction of exactly that,

“I wrote this song after being woken up by thunder at 2am. I was in a deep sleep, but the sound sprung me awake and startled me to my core. Because I drifted off again quickly; my mind convinced myself in my dreams that the sound was a spaceship that had landed across from my house. I felt like there was an apocalypse about to happen”

The track is taken from RIIKI's upcoming debut EP ‘Newer Oxygen’, out later this year.

'The Dream State' is out now. Listen HERE


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