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Roet | If I Look Fine

Zach Alwin, creatively known as Roet continues to deliver striking music to the forefront of emerging alternative electronic talent, he's just released his latest track 'If I Look Fine'.


'If I Look Fine' is a chilled contemporary R&B, indie electro track with an infectious and hard hitting beat. The song deals with metal health issues, complete with smooth, dreamy vocals with slick production.

"The more I work on this project, the more I find myself writing and focusing on issues of mental health. The idea of this song is a bit of a paradox but it felt fitting because of how chaotic and nonsensical dealing with mental health issues can be."

Roet describes himself as a:

"Part-Hippy Part-Hipster Indie Alt Pop Electronic dance party. I want to help you feel things and then shake them out of your body."

A full circle creator, Roet is the mastermind behind his entire catalog, producing his own beats and tracking his crystal cool vocals to parallel. His unique approach to songwriting stands as one of the most vital pillars of his craft. His initial writing approach begins with classical instrumentation and flow of consciousness, only later translated into the electronic gems that fans hear today.

Outside of Roet, Zach Alwin is a songwriter for various musicians across the nation with anywhere from 500k to 8M streams, and has even composed for commercial advertisements.

Despite being a relatively new face to the electronic music industry, Roet produces luxurious sounds that are far from novice. His distinct voice led him to ink a deal singing backup vocals for MAX and Gnash’s orchestral version of 'Lights Down Low'.


Listen to 'If I Look Fine' HERE Instagram: @roetmusic


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