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ROMES x Haiva Ru | All The Time

Toronto's ROMES and Santa Barbara's Haiva Ru have released their collaborative track 'All The Time', connecting after both landing on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist last summer.


Remotely collaborating in the middle of lockdown, both artists wanted to create a track which shimmered with summer nostalgia and a feel-good vibe to counter the strange times we're going through - 'All The Time' does that perfectly. Catchy indie pop done right, ladened with cool electro-pop beats, fresh vocals and captivating production. It's upbeat yet chilled, positive and satisfyingly good - soaked in 80's tinged synths but still oozing a contemporary melody.

ROMES is an independent duo from Toronto, made up of brothers Jacob and Nicolas Bitove, who are creating a sound that weaves in and out of different genres, presenting a fresh take to the alternative-pop scene.

'All The Time' is out now.

Listen HERE @romes | @haivaru


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