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Rosa Raye | Living Spree

Danish artist Rosa Raye has released her fresh R&B debut 'Living Spree'.


Credit: Gabriela Gärtner

This uplifting, feel-good debut single is the sound of a new chapter for Rosa. An fusion of contemporary R&B and pop, bubbling with fresh new energy. Rosa's euphonious vocals really stand out with her commercial and current tone, that wouldn't be out of place on mainstream radio. A truly soulful and polished debut, both strong and confident.

'Living Spree' is about letting go of an unhealthy relationship, moving on and having fun again. As the song title indicates, it’s all about living life to the fullest. Rosa Raye sings about deciding to experience all the good life has to offer instead of sitting at home in tears with a broken heart and a pint of ice cream.

The track is accompanied by colourful live session video made on a warm, sunny day in Denmark.

The song is written and created by Rosa Raye and Danish producer Christian Refer and released via Rosa's own label. This is Rosa Raye's first release since leaving her former record label Sony Music in Denmark, where she had a record deal for 1.5 years. This time she is 100% in charge of the project and vision.

Inspired by music and entertainment from the U.S. since she was a kid, as well as by songwriting trips to Los Angeles, New York and Nashville in recent years, Rosa Raye has settled on a sound that has modern R&B/soul-influenced productions with retro elements and, at the moment, “feel good” vibes all over it. She finds much inspiration among the new generation of R&B/Alternative R&B artists.


Listen to 'Living Spree' HERE Instagram: @rosarayemusic

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