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Royal & the Serpent | I Can't Get High

After teasing the track in her set on YUNGBLUD's 'The Weird Time of Life' global digital tour last year, breakthrough alt-pop artist and songwriter Royal & the Serpent has released 'I Can't Get High' via Atlantic Records.


Both attention- grabbing and electrifying, 'I Can't Get High' is a stand out track with a gritty-alternative edge. Dynamic with a soaring chorus and a strong and captivating vocal, it's slick and thrilling from start to end.

The single follows 'bad kids' ft Yoshi Flower and get October 'get a grip' EP, featuring viral single 'Overwhelmed' which spent a whopping 22 weeks on Billboard's Alternative Airplay chart and has 101 million streams and counting.

The Los Angeles-based artist made her debut in 2017, earning acclaim for a series of self-released singles such as 'MMXX', 'Salvador Dali' and 'Bad Bad Blood', which was featured in the Season 6 trailer for ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. In each piece of music she shares with the world, Royal reveals the wild duality at the heart of her artistry and speaks to the incredible power of embracing your true nature, in all its outrageous complexity. A Gemini to the core, she’s passionate but pensive, sensitive but self-possessed, enigmatic but an open book when it comes to exposing what’s inside her mind.

“I definitely feel like I’m two people living in one body, where I can just slip at the drop of dime and become a totally different person,”

notes Santiago, who equally identifies as a 'sweet sunshine angel' (i.e., the Royal persona) and a 'freaky devil maniac' (the Serpent).

'I Can't Get High' is out now.

Listen HERE


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