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Vancouver four-piece Royal Oak have unveiled their brand new single 'A Song For Ya', which like so many other songs, is inspired by a breakup.


Though the track is about one of the band member’s relationships, the song was written collaboratively by all the members of the band. Over Zoom, each band member would take turns tackling the song structure, vocal melodies, and lyrics.

Visually, the pop-punk track follows the aftermath of the couple from Royal Oak’s previous single, 'Steal My Hoodie'. The band has built a story around this couple and the stages of their relationship from their own experiences. The band created the artwork for the new track by referencing the artwork for 'Steal My Hoodie' printed on instant film.

Put it all in the genre blender and set it to pop. That’s been the recent motto for Vancouver’s Royal Oak and their no-holds-barred take on hooky alt-pop. Drawing inspiration from pop-punk, EDM, 80s synth-pop, hip hop, and everything in between, the four-piece has captured the maximalist energy of their anything-goes live show and distilled it into a string of high-gloss pop singles.

'A Song For Ya' is out now.


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