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Ruby Red | All Night Long

Indie alt-pop duo Ruby Red have released their provocative music video for single 'All Night Long' - which is the first track from their debut EP 'Area of Affect' released back in June of this year.


The most upbeat track that Ruby Red have released so far, 'All Night Long' features hazy synths and an indietronica vibe, whilst still being mellow. The disco sound is super reminiscent of 80'sdisco, with catchy, funky beats, melodic vocals and an overall mysterious energy.

The neon-soaked, retro music video radiates a vivid feel and playful narrative, starting with a young mundane couple eating microwave dinners while watching TV, then suddenly transcending into a very curious woman’s peculiar and funky daydream.

“We love music videos that look cool just for the sake of looking cool, but I think we wanted to challenge ourselves (and the people we worked on it with) to give ‘All Night Long’ more of a narrative — all the while the song was weird yet fun, upbeat, and not too serious because that’s how we were living at the time.”

Ruby Red are childhood friends Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine, who have been perfecting their craft since elementary school. Breaking through the indie-pop realm, the LA based duo fuse genres to create a low-key synth pop masterpiece of a sound, intertwining everything from funk and hip-hop to Brazilian-disco.

'All Night Long' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @rubyredsound


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