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Ruston Kelly | Rubber

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician Ruston Kelly will release his highly anticipated new album, Shape & Destroy, 28th August on Rounder Records.

In advance of the release, Kelly’s new song, ‘Rubber,’ debuted last week.


Co-produced by Kelly and longtime collaborator Jarrad K (Kate Nash, Weezer) and recorded at Dreamland Recording Studios in upstate New York, Shape & Destroy documents Kelly’s journey through maintaining his sobriety and facing his past. He addresses these experiences and setbacks with unvarnished honesty, grace and conviction across thirteen new songs.

Reflecting on the album, Kelly shares:

“Making this record definitely taught me that I don’t want to be selfish: I want to channel something larger than myself and give myself to the process as fully as possible, because these songs also become the story of whoever hears them. Whatever someone might get out of listening to this record and hearing me express myself in this way, it’s completely theirs.”

'Shape & Destroy' marks yet another breakthrough moment for the Nashville-based artist, who released his full-length debut album, 'Dying Star', in 2018. Also co-produced by Kelly and Jarrad K, ' Dying Star' debuted to widespread critical acclaim.

Ruston Kelly's new album 'Shape & Destroy' out August 28th.


Listen to 'Rubber' HERE Instagram: @rustonkelly


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