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Rvkah | Slow Down

Rvkah has released her new track 'Slow Down' which is the third single following debut title song 'Love' and second single 'Replay' taken from her upcoming EP.


Slow down' is a chilled, electro-pop dance track with a pure and gorgeous vocal. Rvkah has a strikingly original sound and this song is one that would go down well in clubs and pool parties alike. The chorus is catchy and expressive - a truly polished track.

"The song is about a new relationship that is great and escalated very quickly, but I start to question if by moving too fast is going to be what breaks us. Also I ask, what you have to wait for in the relationship if it moves so quickly? I am anticipating both scenarios."

Having rebranded in 2019 and her collaborations with other talented musicians and producers have combined to create fabulous, fresh and catchy new tunes. She will be releasing her full six track EP later this summer.


Listen to 'Slow Down' HERE Instagram: @rvkahmusic


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