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RYD | Sleep

Producer and songwriter RYD, creative alias of 25-year-old Ryan Downie has released his new single 'Sleep'.


The track see's RYD returning to the sonic palette which first got him noticed and arrives alongside the announcement of the new EP of the same name and his first body of work to be released since his 2019 self-titled debut album.

In 'Sleep', RYD has created a unique sound which is both creative and inviting - immersing you totally into his own magical world with a dreamy soundscape. The production is almost hypnotic - a soft but insistent electronic pulse swirls over captivating synths to create a gorgeous ambience whilst airy harmonies are sang over delicate guitar. One thing is for certain, RYD has established a strong identity that is truly his own, transporting fans as they listen.

Over a year in the making, the EP launched alongside an IOS App, entirely self-developed and creating what is best described as an immersive bedroom pop experience. The app allows users to enter his world and merges sampling, original musical pieces, art and mindfulness by allowing users to loop and experiment with music from the new EP, providing a unique insight into the creative process. Inspired to create the app during the confining experience of lockdown last year, RYD approached the project conceptually, as he explains,

“A bedroom is a place where you generally feel safe and have no outside judgement looming, a paradise for introverts. Each item in the room triggers a different stem from the ‘(now I’m losing)’ track, an intro to ‘Sleep’ on the forthcoming EP. The initial tracks are a significant build-up of emotions, the introduction of different sounds and vocals coming as new thoughts that meld into one. All items in the room trigger different connotations and sentiments, of thoughts playing together in harmony like a stream of consciousness we can effortlessly converse with ourselves, moving from one unrelated thing to another whilst all seeming so natural.”

'Sleep' is out now. Listen HERE @rydmusic


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