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Saint Raymond | Love This Way

Saint Raymond offers his fans a fresh taste of his eagerly anticipated sophomore album by sharing his track 'Love This Way'.


Saint Raymond never fails to release bangers. 'Love This Way' oozes goodness both lyrically and vocally. Instrumentally, this track is an uptempo, bright fusion of indie pop mixed with tropical sounding production, plucky guitar sounds and shimmering synths, as well as ending with a hard hitting guitar solo.

He says on the track,

The song is about when a relationship doesn’t quite work how it should, but you’re both too scared to let go and you wonder if it’s just how it is and always will be. And whether it’s better to stay in it together in a messed up way.”

The track is accompanied by visuals created by Franklin & Marchetta, opening up with a tightly focused shot of Saint Raymond singing and revealing more of the backdrop gradually by zooming out. The final reveal suggests that he's continuing to repeat the past mistakes he's just sang about.

Some artists just have the ability to write and create great music, and Saint Raymond is one of those artists. His upcoming album, which will be released next year via Cooking Vinyl. Continuing to garner millions of streams, this album is a culmination of two years of hard graft, dedicated to writing and experimenting with new ideas.

Even though the future of live music is still uncertain, it's sure that Saint Raymond will return in style with his stadium sized anthems.


Listen to 'Love This Way' HERE Instagram: @callum_sr


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