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sakehands | THINK ABOUT ME

The brainchild of L.A based powerhouse producer Aris Maggiani, sakehands has released his new single 'THINK ABOUT ME'. His nomadic journey continues in 2020 with his debut album, ‘Self-HATE.’


At it's core 'THINK ABOUT ME' is a seductive, and sultry R&B track, but what makes this track extra special is the slick production and smooth, rich vocals. It's ladened with summer vibes and definitely one to listen out for.

Reconnecting with frequent collaborator for this track Lo, she has provided her euphonious vocal talent and together they ponder on the stark impact they've had on previous lovers' lives, asking the lovesick question we've all held ourselves back from, do you still THINK ABOUT ME?

As sakehands explains about the track:

"'THINK ABOUT ME' is my severely petty way of asking people I used to be with if they still think about how all of their likes, dislikes, interests and basic likable personality traits came directly from me. I think a lot of people can relate but maybe don’t want to say it out loud."

sakehands' debut track 'PLASTIC', released in 2018 is now approaching 2 million streams.


Listen to 'THINK ABOUT ME' HERE Instagram: @sakehands


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