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Samsonite | Hey Coco

20 year old producer, singer and songwriter from Utah, Sam Kalt, better known as Samsonite has released his fresh, smooth single 'Hey Coco' via BonFire Records.


'Hey Coco' is a warm, rich track both musically and vocally with the most satisfying instrumentation, gorgeous guitar and chilled production. It's one of those tracks that is perfect for when you just want to lay back, close your eyes and listen to music, and this is the track that you could have on repeat.

Lyrically, 'Hey Coco' tells a story of compassion and empathy between men. It's a laid back letter to his grieving friend - featuring fuzzy rock keys with a hook that is one part 90's boyband and the other has that sultry, contemporary R&B feel.

He says on the track:

“My buddy, Coco, recently got a divorce. With a broken heart, he wrote one of my favorite songs ever, "Dear Heart, Be Still". “Hey Coco” is a response to that song! I both wrote it for myself and anyone who is having a hard time. I have dealt with Clinical Depression for many years, and this song is a reminder for people to keep their heads up.”

Samsonite produces music about love, heartbreak and suburban life from his bedroom and is now racking up an impressive amount of streams at still such a young age.


Listen to 'Hey Coco' HERE Instagram: @sam.kalt |


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