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Sam Tompkins is simply one of kind. An artist whose lyrics are forever on point, the alt pop trailblazer continues his rise to the top with new single ‘See Me’ via Island Records.


An impressive piece of lyrical and melodic prowess; on ‘See Me’, Sam Tompkins uses music as a mirror to his own experiences to bravely take on his darkest insecurities. Focusing on pure emotion and locating a universal sense of expression in the process; Sam twists his sometimes uncomfortable memories to address his inner demons with a relatable honesty and vulnerability that shines through.

Not holding back, his distinctive vocal speaks from the heart and takes on mental health, bad relationships and lingering feelings of self-deprecation in a way that has resonated with his fans already. Teasers of ‘See Me’ have already been streamed over 2 million times and received a huge outpouring of praise from fans.

Sam says,

"It’s like I’d needed to write it my whole life. I’m glad I have now, and hoping others can now resonate with it.”

– and indeed, they have.

Championing authenticity without taking himself too seriously and using his ever-growing platform to encourage others to do the same, ‘See Me’ is a true example of what sets Sam Tompkins apart as an artist – evidenced by his huge following that continues to grow exponentially.

Sam comments,

“This song stems back to last year in a pretty dark time in my life. I had a conversation with my life coach about how insecure I was becoming, constantly fearing how I was being perceived by others. After a long emotional conversation, we had worked out and pinpointed a pretty sad moment from when I was a kid at school and how I have carried it ever since. So much so that I had internalised that comment and begun to believe it.”

Continuing the release of a series of back-to-back singles planned in anticipation of his debut album out later this year, Sam Tompkins has become one of the fastest rising British male artists on a global scale. This year alone, the songwriter has accumulated nearly 20M views with his combined social following now surpassing 2M.

With a huge 2023 planned as his debut album comes quickly into view, Sam Tompkins continues to rise.

'See Me' is out now. Listen HERE @samtompkinsuk


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