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Two years and a global pandemic on from their most recent release, Saults have returned with 'Stuck In Old Fantasy' and a brand new look.

A preview of what we can expect to be coming in 2022, 'Stuck In Old Fantasy' marks the beginning of a new era for Saults. The track is a shimmering concoction of feel good, disco-inspired electro-pop which channels the very best vibes from the likes of The 1975 and Fickle Friends to create something that can fit straight into the commercial mainstream with a flavour of 80’s synths to tickle the senses.

They say,

“Toxic relationships haunt people, no matter how bad a situations gets, it can be hard to move on because you worship the past, 'Stuck In Old Fantasy' is a conversation that discusses these issues in a fun upbeat package”

Birthed from a pandemic induced 2 year hiatus the band used the time away to complete a musical transition to a pop band without forgetting their main influences.

From an early age, it was always the dream of brothers Antoine and Greg Saults to be in a band, and with the help of Axel Castets on bass this dream became a reality in 2014. The chemistry between the three friends was obvious to all and when Antoine injected his original compositions, a unique and brilliant blend of funk, pop and rock was uncovered. Throughout the next couple of years, they performed constantly across Europe, honing their sound and growing a fan-base with their exciting and energetic live shows in front of up to 10k people. In 2017, the band recorded their follow up release 'Kelly Ride' at Abbey Road which gained national airtime with the BBC.

As with many artists over the pandemic, SAULTS have been almost forced into a hiatus, kept going by their fantastic social media engagement with their 7.5k Followers on IG and over 15k on TikTok, now making their return with the brilliant new release.

'Stuck In Old Fantasy' is out now. Listen HERE @saultsmusic


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