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Sea Girls reveal new track 'Come Back to me'

London fourpiece Sea Girls have teased us yet another sneak peak of what’s to come on their upcoming third studio album ‘Midnight Butterflies’, following the release of their latest single ‘Come Back To Me’.


The track opens with a familiar, energetic Sea Girls tempo and upbeat chords while exploring reminiscent feelings about someone who has gone their own way, with a plea to reconnect and relive those treasured memories.

A recognition of absence for someone in his life formed a key inspiration for frontman Henry Camamile to produce this song.

“I loved this person, I missed them, so I just wrote it in a song. Our journey as a band has made me more confident and I haven’t had any inhibitions making this album, so I just thought I'd write what I felt and have fun with it and that became Come Back To Me”, he said.

The indie band already released an intriguing set of singles back in March including ‘Young Strangers’ and album opener ‘Midnight Butterflies’.

The hotly anticipated album, launching on their own new label independent label Alt Records, arrives on the 14th of June, featuring 12 tracks as the group aim to showcase their evolution and maturity as a band.

To go along side this release, Sea Girls have also announced the ‘Midnight Butterflies UK Tour’ commencing in Sheffield on the 26th September and concluding in Belfast on 12th October.

Listen to the new single HERE


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