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SEB | egg mcmuffin

Contemporary R&B artist SEB has released his new track, 'egg mcmuffin' following a plethora of singles this year following his debut.


The track is chilled, contemporary and hip-hop inspired, layered with guitar and soothing synths. Pure and rich vocals from SEB and super mellow instrumentation make this track highly listenable, but with a unique and funky edge. AND what's not to love about Egg Mcmuffins eh?

SEB says on the track:

"I hate thinking about time, especially when it comes to how much things can change over time. Now getting older and understanding it a little more, I hate thinking about the bigger picture. These days I'm looking forward to the little stable things that I can have control over like getting an Egg McMuffin. No Matter where life takes me, what bs I have to go through, I can look forward to an Egg McMuffin as a way to ground myself and to take things slowly."


Listen to 'egg mcmuffin' HERE

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