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Secondhand Sound have released their first single since departing on their debut 'The Best and Worst Times' national headline tour. The three-piece band have returned to Nashville for the curation of their upcoming EP, which is set to be released in early summer.


'Colm's Conquest' is the first single and is a fresh take on Secondhand Sound's indie alt-rock style. The ambiguous tone that inspired the song writing is an ode to the conceptual displacement so many iconic writers have employed to place audiences in another world. Foundationally set in rock, the track was produced by Matt Martin.

“What’s interesting about this song is that it’s a rare example of a Secondhand Sound song that didn’t originate on my acoustic guitar. Usually, I sit and pine over a song, specifically lyrics, for months. This one came really fast and that was refreshing.”

Secondhand Sound is a curated collective of indie music, infused heavily with alternative rock. The band elevates modern instrumental sound with interpolated, ironic, and alluring songwriting. The Nashville-based band is comprised of members Sawyer John Estok, Collin Plank, and Teagan Proctor. They complement their discography with inventive visual mediums, including the manifestation of the band’s spirit, the elusive and contemplative Stranger.

Armed with the inspiration of energizing humanity, Secondhand Sound reigns audiences in with their elevated coming-of-age aesthetic. Grounded by their loyalty and reverence to the process, the band is immersed in maturing the style they’ve nurtured as they prepare to shift into high gear for their third EP.

'Colm's Conquest' is out now. Listen HERE @secondhand.sound


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