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Shaylen | Forgive Myself

Shaylen drops her brand new single entitled 'Forgive Myself' via The Heavy Group /

Republic Records.


Photo Credit: Brian Ziff

'Forgive Myself' is one of those tracks you can't stop listening to and will never bore of it. Shaylen has the most exceptional vocals, which are fuelled by just the right amount of throwback R&B with a bit of pop perfection thrown in for good measure.

The instrumental is catchy and skilled, with airy guitars being the main layer of the track, but it's definitely her vocal that truly shines through the most. It's upbeat, and unique - but definitely wouldn't be out of place on mainstream radio.

Of the track, Shaylen says,

“I wrote ‘Forgive Myself’ when I was in a really tough spot mentally. It’s all about my personal struggle with self-forgiveness. We are often taught the importance of apologizing and forgiving others but not the importance of forgiving ourselves when we mess up. I invented apologies, so I know all about it...”

'Forgive Myself' paves the way for more music to come, as Shaylen continues to build buzz with her honest lyrics and powerhouse vocals. This artist is shaping up to be amongst the best, delivering pop perfection, but with an added funky edge.


Listen to 'Forgive Myself' HERE Instagram: @shaylenofficial


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