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SHENNA | Try Another Taste

Emerging pop artist SHENNA has released her single 'Try Another Taste' which was the first release since her EP 'Blue Memories'.


Taking on a more upbeat sound, 'Try Another Taste' is a commercial pop love song with a funky approach. Lyrically brilliant, the sound is catchy and her vocals are sweet with a unique, raw tone. The track is inventive and fresh with a hint of R&B flare thrown into the production for the chorus. It's the track that will be played at parties when you want the girls to get up and dance with you.

SHENNA says on the track,

"Try Another Taste is a fun, yet sexy pop song about someone who has had horrible luck in relationships and is now very cautious of who they let steal their heart. The perspective of the song is the new love interest showing they can be the perfect flavor and that the person just hasn’t had the right taste yet until now!"

SHENNA wants to represent girls like her - being both Syrian and black, labels tried to box her into a specific genre, but her passion for pop shines above and beyond. As well as celebrating and supporting black artists, and making fun upbeat pop songs, she has impressively opened for Melanie Martinez on a world tour.


Listen to 'Try Another Taste' HERE Instagram: @shennamusic


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