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Shiah Maisel | Good To You

Alternative / EDM singer / songwriter Shiah Maisel has released his brand new emotional track 'Good To You'.


Sometimes you hear a track and immediately fall in love with it. 'Good To You' is one of those tracks. What a vocal! Intoxicatingly beautiful, real, raw, refreshing and original. Downright perfect.

It was back in January 2019 that Shiah introduced himself to the world as an artist with his debut album 'Notes From Within' which currently has over 2 million streams on Spotify. In January 2020, Shiah independently released his single 'Not Coming Home Tonight' debuting at Number 12 on the iTunes Alternative Charts. The music video was released in May and has already surpassed 100k views. July 10th marked Shiah's second label release 'Without Me' with collaborator Marin Hoxha, via Spectrum.

We have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from Shiah Maisel very soon.


Listen to 'Good To You' HERE Instagram: @shiahsings


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