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SHY Martin | Feelings

Swedish sensation SHY Martin is on a roll this year, sharing her third single 'Feelings' via SHY Recordings.


SHY Martin boats her incredible songwriting talent for channelling emotions into music, depicting how the power of feelings can easily overwhelm you and take you to an irrational place. Her silky vocals create a calming moment of easy listening whilst light electronic beats and floating synth-pop melodies swirl around a pummelling chorus. Indulgent with slick but playful production and a stand out vocal, 'Feelings' is electro-pop heaven.

Lyrically, the track reflects on the moment when you're caught up in emotions and realise that you’re only a few words away from breaking something special.

She says on the track,

“I was going through some major changes when we wrote ‘Feelings’ and felt extremely lost and exhausted. I wasn’t sure I wanted to release more music, so I stopped writing for myself for a while, but after writing this song I found myself listening to the demo every time I was working out or on my way to the studio. The lyrics were pretty much about what I was going through and had been feeling for a long time. It’s about the moment you realise you’re a few words from breaking something that means a lot to you because you’re caught up in feelings”

'Feelings' follows on from previous 2021 releases 'Break With Me' and 'Remember You Were The One'. It was co-written by SHY Martin together with her long time writing partner Litens Anton Nilsson and Hampus Lindvall who also produced the song.

SHY Martin established herself as a songwriter at age 22 and has since then amassed over 2.5 billion streams for artists such as Ellie Goulding, The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Bebe Rexha and Astrid S. Sara Hjellström grew up in Lerdala and began writing songs and poetry as a child as a way of expressing herself. In 2017, she created her own world of addictive songs, which instantly made her one of pop’s brightest stars. In March 2021, she announced the start of SHY Recordings.

'Feelings' is out now. Listen HERE @shy.martin


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