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Darragh Chaplin | Mine

Singles, EPs and albums being recorded in isolation seems to be a recurring theme which the music industry is slowly having to get used to. However, for many artists its allowed them to produce their some of their best work to date, and for Darragh Chaplin, his latest single 'Mine' is no exception.


Despite it being difficult times, Chaplin seems to have embraced the current situation with open

arms by releasing a new song every month in 2020. At only 23, Darragh tackled this track on his

own, recording the whole song in his bedroom.

Given how crisp and tight the pop like production ofthe track is, it’d be rude to not highlight how talented of an artist DARRAGH is on this single. 'Mine' seeks to express the struggles that many young adults face in today’s society of loving someone who just can’t match your feelings back, yet these feelings are all set against a backdrop of 80’s nostalgia with the elegant synths and bright instrumentation creating a sound which looks at the themes through a pair of tinted glasses. Despite the hard-hitting vocals throughout the song, Chaplin’s skills have made it easy to lose yourself in the song and it’s indie-pop vibes.

Lovers of the indie-pop genre who listen carefully can hear elements of The 1975 and Haim, some of the bands that Darragh takes inspiration from. Don’t be mistaken, as whilst 'Mine' mirrors some of the popular guitar riffs and vocal hooks in each verse, Chaplin has made the sound his own without sounding like another Matt Healy wannabe.

Overall, the latest release from Darraghs' song a month campaign is a solid indie-pop anthem.

With crisp sounding melodies amongst an array of powerful vocal arrangements, 'Mine' is a fresh sounding tune, breathing a fresh lease of life into the challenging times we’re all facing at the moment.

Darragh Chaplin might not be a name many people know at the moment, but if this latest track is anything to go by, we should all get used to hearing more tracks like 'Mine' in the future. This example of Darraghs' abilities will be sure to make him a household name soon enough.


Listen to 'Mine' HERE Instagram: @darragh_chaplin



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