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James Bay | Chew On My Heart

British pop sensation James Bay opens up about his relationship in new single ‘Chew On My

Heart’ as he admits “It’s an outpouring of love, and that’s a huge theme across this new music”.


The singer is famous for his heartbreaking songs such as 'Hold Back The River' and triple

platinum selling single 'Let It Go', but it seems Bay is heading in a different direction.

‘Chew On My Heart’ is the first single to be released by the Brit Award winner this year. It’s

moving and relatable lyrics about lust and devotion are accompanied by angelic high notes, raw

passion and a tune that instantly makes you move.

The lyric

“What would it feel like if you tore me apart?, Come on, chew on my heart”

is a metaphor describing the craving for something more in a relationship that isn’t just two people who fit together. The song itself isn’t typical to a love song in terms of the lyrics or sound but the song shows an incredibly vulnerable and honest side to James Bay which fans haven’t seen in a positive light before.

The song flows through different emotions with the verses being about the dedication and love

for another person and as the song enters the chorus we start to question what giving your

heart to someone really means and how a relationship develops over time and the different

emotions that come with it.

The accompanying video which was shot socially distanced in Paris has stunning visuals that

are dreamy and soft, the video sees the singer in a field on a summer’s day as well as sat on

the floor in an apartment with his guitar that Bay is famous for.


Listen to 'Chew On My Heart' HERE Instagram: @jamesbaymusic



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