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Lev | When I Hurt You

Move over Shawn Mendes, Lev pours out his heart on new song ‘When I Hurt You’.


There’s a new guy in town and his debut single is nothing short of stunning. Lev’s soft vocals, effortless high notes and heartbreaking honesty make him the next pop superstar. Lev is full of soul and energy, ‘When I Hurt You’ instantly draws you in with angelic vocals before transitioning into acoustic guitar sounds and ballad worthy lyrics. ‘When I Hurt You’ is the debut single taken from ‘A Year Underwater’ the upcoming EP from the 24 year old. 

The song is centred around hurting those that you hold close.

“You’re not supposed to love me, when I hurt you”

signifies Lev’s own feelings of guilt and how he couldn’t comprehend why those he hurt still stayed close. 

Instantaneously taking you back to times of heartbreak this song grips on to every emotion creating the perfect soundtrack for heat-shattering moments in time. The melodic track is sensational, a refreshing mix of Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran that has its own twist with precise pop beats and beautifully handcrafted lyrics. 

When asked about the meaning behind the new track Lev explains: 

"I wrote When I Hurt You after I did some things I regretted to people I love. Sometimes people forgive you even when you know they probably shouldn't. It's humbling and it's guilt ridden and it makes you feel like maybe they'd be better off without you."


Listen to 'When I Hurt You' HERE Instagram: @levsongs



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