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Single Review: Marsicans | Someone Else's Touch

Marsicans release their heartbreaking new single ‘Someone Else’s Touch’ that leaves you craving your first love. 


Leeds Outfit Marsicans have released their brand new single ‘Someone Else’s Touch’ which takes you on a journey of self discovery and inconsolable heartbreak,  as they drop the pop beats for a slow and dreamy ballad. 

Unlike most of the upbeat material Marsicans have released in recent months, ‘Someone Else’s Touch’ is a heartbreaking, truthful and raw melodic ballad taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Ursa Major’. 

Bassist and vocalist Rob Brander explains:

"'Someone Else's Touch' started its life a long time ago, and is the oldest song to make it onto our debut album. It's also probably the most adventurous song on the record in terms of production…”. 

‘Someone Else’s Touch’ is a breathtaking metaphor describing the desperation, turmoil and lack of sense of self you feel when a relationship ends. The lyric

“I want you so I tell myself someone else’s touch will have to do”

instantly makes you crave the feeling of falling in love for the first time and encapsulates a teenage fantasy. The song without doubt earns its place on a movie soundtrack with the dreamy high vocals, keyboards and soft guitar. 

As soon as the song starts to play you instantly feel weightless, as if you’re falling through space even though you might be falling apart by the end. The emotional pain you feel throughout doesn’t let up as you’re constantly on a journey of self discovery as you apply the lyrics to your own experiences of heartbreak and inevitably your left pretending to be part of a teenage drama almost longing for the feeling of desperation yourself. 


Listen to 'Someone Else's Touch' HERE Instagram: @marsicans



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