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NYIKO | Call The Boys

NYIKO (pronounced “nee-koh”) is an LA-based; singer, songwriter and producer with a different style compared to the modern-day norm, and it’s his style which makes him stand out from the crowd. He has recently released a six-track EP called 'Crush' alongside electronic artist The White Electric. On 'Crush' you can hear more of what makes NYIKO so unique.


Credit: Niles Gregory

His newest track 'Call The Boys' is an excellent throwback to music past with its sound but has a meaningful message about the current day.

Upon the release of the track, NYIKO said on social media:

The song is a reaction to the violence oftentimes carried out by young white men. Calling into question the outdated notions of manhood in American society.”

The lyrics reflect just that. NYIKO sings "We need an exemplary/Symbol of masculinity/For these boys/Beyond violence and raising a voice” and it’s these words which resonate with the current day perfectly.

In terms of style NYIKO's voice on this track reminds me of The Smiths’ Morrissey in how his notes are delivered and how they encapsulate the listener. With his stunning vocals, NYIKO hits home about masculinity and the societal issues surrounding it.

With lyrics like the ones featured in 'Call The Boys' it is very easy to understand the problem in America even if you have no prior understanding.

“Call the boys inside / Tell them it’s alright / There’s no use for abuse”


“We need an exemplary / Symbol of femininity / For these boys / Beyond sexualizing a voice”.

With incredible vocals, meaningful lyrics and the fact that all the Bandcamp profits from 'Call The Boys' will be going to charity (Big Brothers Big Sisters), this track has all the ingredients to do something good, both in and out of the music world.

NYIKO's 'Call The Boys' is one to watch.


Listen to 'Call The Boys' HERE Instagram: @_nyiko_



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