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Following on from the immense success of previous single, titled 'Tell Me,' with Amba Jae, after jointly winning talent show ITV talent show 'Romeo and Duet' earlier this year, SJ Hill is back with his brand new single, 'Strongest Feeling.' The single is an exceptional track and exemplifies his vocals, with this being the perfect follow-up solo single to 'Tell Me.' We caught up with SJ Hill, to speak about his new single, what the rest of the year has in store for him and more. Keep reading to check out what he had to say!

Describing the release of his new music as "really exciting," it is clear SJ is taking full advantage of the platform given to him by his recent appearance on 'Romeo and Duet.' "I'm excited to show people what I've been working on over the past couple of years!"

With an EP in the works, consisting of several original tracks, he was eager to get new music released. He has a desire to maintain consistency with his releases and follow a storyline with his songs, while also desiring to try different genres of music in the future - a true testament to his talent.

There is a lot involved in the release of a new single - including pressure. With the success of his last track, he says that he feels that "people do expect good music." Describing the track as being "R&B, pop and having a mainstream sound," the single has certainly already been incredibly well received by listeners.

Describing himself as being "a perfectionist," a lot of hard work goes into all of his releases, and this track is no exception. "A lot of the stuff I'm doing has been in the pipeline for three or four years, but with the exposure from being on 'Romeo and Duet,' I guess that kind of had to happen first for me to be able to release everything now."

'Strongest Feeling' is a remake of a single from the 90's, with a modernised sound for his own single. "My producer introduced me to the track. I put my own spin on it. I was also able to write my bit on the song, which I was really thankful for, because I like song-writing and writing my own stuff. In order for me to be original, I like to put my own spin on some tracks. I also like to contribute to my songs, so for me, being able to write on the track was massively important. It was a massive honour for me to be asked to do this. It's a feel-good song, makes people happy and is very upbeat!"

Drawing on the use of personal experiences for his song-writing, he said that he "writes on feelings and what is going on in my life at that time. I was able to open up on this track. I definitely write on experiences."

He has been doing a lot of gigs during the summer months, but looking ahead to the coming months, he has "more gigs planned." He has recently been selected to be a part of 'The Honey Sessions' with MOBO - which is a very exciting achievement! He also has plans to get in the studio with other song-writers. "I want to gig more and get more radio play. My ultimate goal is to get signed!"

'Strongest Feeling' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major music purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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