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SKAAR | The Other Side Of Waiting

SKAAR aka Hilde Skaar took her first foray into the music world when she was 18 and now, 4 years down the line, has just released her debut EP 'The Other Side Of Waiting'.


SKAAR is a fan of both Coldplay and Foo Fighters, although you probably couldn’t tell that by listening to her alt-pop style music. Skaar is most well-known for her hit 'Higher Ground”'from the movie 'Battle”'in 2018 which has brought her more than 12 million streams globally.

On the release of her EP, Skaar took to social media and said:

“It’s weird to release something that I’ve worked on for so long, and weird that it’s kind of floating in the air when it’s out. But it also feels amazing!”.

The first track on 'The Other Side Of Waiting' is 'Turn of the Tide' which fully encapsulates SKAAR’s unique style and sound.

The title itself 'Turn Of The Tide' has special meaning during these trying times and is a symbol that things can only get better. Skaar’s voice on this track is a beacon of hope here and the catchy bridge which leads to the addictive chorus will leave you smiling and wanting more.

The song is well-written and fully embodies the hope we all have of returning to normal.

“Feels like it’s been rough for a while/ But I know we’ll win, just give it time”

In the track, she also says she’s “leaving bad blood behind, ‘cos I’ve got new things on my mind”.

The new thing on my mind is how good this song sounds, and how well the music video links to the uplifting message of the song.

SKAAR was already making waves in the alt-pop scene and the Norwegian’s new music will certainly help her go far.


Listen to 'The Other Side Of Waiting' HERE

Instagram: @skaarofficial



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