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Skip Curtis | Someone For You

Enigmatic singer-songwriter Skip Curtis has returned with the blistering new single ‘Someone For You’.


Skip Curtis has a stunning vocal and 'Someone For You' is a banging track right from the first beat. The instrumental accompanies his voice perfectly and the slick Boys of Summer-esque guitar solo really adds to the driving energy of the record. It's pop rock done superbly well, high volume listening, fast paced and energetic with a thumping chorus.

The lyrics cry out for a start over and a chance to make things right. Written and produced by Skip, this sparkling full band recording showcases the dynamism of his songwriting as well as his capability as a record producer.

Skip is also responsible for the electro-pop hit 'Low Tide' whilst fronting the haze-pop band XY&O which further adds to the varied intrigue of his musical output and highlights the diversity and ambiguity of his talent.

Someone For You is a standalone single that is released ahead of Skip’s anticipated debut album ‘Culture Violet’ set for release in late 2020 via his own label Pet Shop Records.


Listen to 'Someone For You' HERE

Instagram: @skipcurtis


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