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Spencer Chamberlain, renowned as the frontman of iconic metal/hardcore band Underoath, releases new single 'It Always Seemed Easier', the latest single from his alt-pop project, slo/tide. This latest offering presents a new direction for Chamberlain, marking a profound evolution of his musical expression.


With slo/tide, Chamberlain bravely steps outside Underoath's heavier sound to explore the genres that have inspired him throughout his career. Despite continuing to tour arenas and amphitheaters with Underoath, Chamberlain describes slo/tide as being closer to his heart - a sincere and deeply personal venture into alternative/pop.

The release marks a compelling new chapter in Chamberlain's career, highlighting the continued growth and depth of one of the music industry's most revered artists.

He shares,

"'It Always Seemed Easier' is a track about my mental health. I seem to always put myself last in every facet of life, and eventually, even when I feel like I’m doing the right thing, it catches up to me. I feel like I’m worried so much about others and how they feel/feel about me I forget to check in on myself. This song is just a reminder to myself to take a second and breathe, even when I remember past scenarios where it was 'easier' to fix before. I just gotta keep pushing forward and try harder."

The song is a testament to Spencer Chamberlain's emotional journey and his commitment to personal well-being. slo/tide is an outlet for Chamberlain's diverse musical inspirations, demonstrating his range and depth as an artist beyond the bounds of genre.

'It Always Seemed Easier' is out now. Listen HERE @slotideband


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