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Slush Puppy | Juliette

Rising 19-year-old alt-pop artist, songwriter and producer, Slush Puppy has dropped his first single of 2021 via Sony Music's Disruptor Records. The head-banging 'Juliette', was co-written and co-produce with Tom Randolph and serves as the lead single off Slush Puppy's forthcoming EP, due later this year.


The San Diego native is pioneering a new sound which is rooted in adventurous lyrics and spontaneous sound. Since high school, Slush Puppy has been writing and producing his own music and often finds inspiration through his environment and activities unrelated to music such as golf, hiking, and camping. He hopes to share his fond experiences of the beach and the outdoors through his music and bring his childhood into the present by helping his listeners enjoy life just like he does.

On the release of his new single, Slush Puppy shares,

“‘Juliette’ is the classic high school story of outcast boy wanting the coolest girl, but only being in love with a glamourized version of her. We romanticize people and build them up in our head so much that we catch feelings without really knowing them. We only see people’s highlights on social media and it is so easy to think that the person you see online is an accurate representation irl. This song is about putting someone on a pedestal and becoming obsessed with the “best version” of them and basking in their perfection without really seeing any of their flaws.”

At just 19, Slush Puppy continues to contribute to an evolving landscape of pop through his popular single releases, showcasing ability to marry sadder lyrics with a happy and free instrumental. With a carefree tone accompanied by complimentary melodies, he helps to create a sincere connection between his music and his audience. Each of his records, although varying heavily in format, always manage to tell a story through lyrics and production and aim to bring a new and different element in the hopes of normalizing variance and change in music.

Through his unique alt-pop sound, Slush aims to encourage others to pursue their individual interests and unique qualities unapologetically.

'Juliette' is out now.


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