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Following on from breakout single 'Juliette', Los Angeles bases singer, songwriter and producer Slush Puppy has returned with new track 'Barbie Doll' from his forthcoming debut EP.


Co-produced by Evan Gartner and Pink Slip, 'Barbie Doll' is a slick and vibrant indie pop anthem driven by funky bass licks and cool electronic sounds with an insistent pulse and a deep groove. Brimming with a more savage take on a classic indie pop, the track is rebellious and positively intoxicating - an instantly catchy and memorable ear worm to all who listen. Slush Puppy is certain to continue to deliver striking tracks to the forefront of emerging talent as he takes us on his upward musical rollercoaster ride to the top, capturing widespread attention at the same time.

On the inspiration behind his new single, Slush Puppy shares,

“‘Barbie Doll’ is about wanting to be with someone so bad that you are willing to change your entire self and character to keep their attention. I wanted to creatively express what it feels like to overcompensate for being insecure.”

Single 'Juliette' has already surpassed a million streams on Spotify alone after earning spots on highly coveted playlists including Spotify’s Global and U.S. New Music Friday, LOREM, and All New Indie as well as Apple Music’s New Music Daily, Alt Pop, and Pop Chill playlists.

With his unique alt-pop sound, Slush aims to encourage others to pursue their individual interests and unique qualities unapologetically.

'Barbie Doll' is out now. Listen HERE @slushppy


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