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Sneaker Club | Seventeen

Sneaker Club’s new single, 'Seventeen', takes a satirical look back on high school, and how every little thing that happened could seem so important. 


Sneaker Club have produced a delightful and quirky guitar based pop song with 'Seventeen'. It's got the vibes of the early 2000's and top class lyrics. This is one for the car - with the sound up full!

Hailing from the farthest reaches of Ontario, Sneaker Club stumbled upon one another in London. Discovering a mutual love for knock-knock jokes and acts such as Hippo Campus, Peach Pit, and The Arkells, the four friends joined forces. When plans to create a footwear support group didn’t pan out, they did what every group of teenage, fun-loving, true bred Canadian hipsters would do instead: they formed a band.

Having already opened for notable acts such as VALLEY, Birds of Bellwoods, Texas King, and the multi JUNO award winning band Dizzy, the band shows no plans of slowing down. They have also been collaborating with Rob Laska of VALLEY and JUNO Award Winning and GRAMMY nominated producer Dan Brodbeck on their latest tracks.

Although they are just beginning to tie their laces, things are quickly picking up speed for Sneaker Club.


Listen to 'Seventeen' HERE

Instagram: @sneakerclubband


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