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sofy wet paint single

Entering the final weeks in the lead up to her eagerly awaited mixtape, 'Chaos & Commotion', SOFY continues to impress with her chameleonic tendencies in the release of 'WET PAINT'.


Returning to her woozier, hip-hop leaning roots, the 3 minute 21 second offering delivers in equal measure the unaffected nonchalance of Kate Nash and the verbal eye-roll of Lily Allen, with her own tongue firmly imprinted on the inside of her cheek. The track leads with a flirty beckoning finger, as SOFY toyfully takes on the role of the temptress, with a vocal delivery that arrives with an almost mesmeric appeal.

Dictated by lust and youthful zeal, 'WET PAINT' takes us on a journey of pool petting, 5k running, and rule breaking through the lens of green-tinted glasses . An enchantress with a paintbrush and a sense of humour, SOFY reminds us of her proficient penmanship and lyrical flare that continues to carve her unique space in the current soundscape.

Speaking on the single in her own words, she aptly explains,

“‘WET PAINT’ is all about temptation. You know when you see a sign that says wet paint and all you want to do is touch the wall? Sonically it’s got that AM era Arctic Monkeys swagger fused with sample old school hip hop drums and horns inspired by the band Jungle. One of my favourite tracks from the mixtape”.

The arrival of “WET PAINT” will cusp the release of forthcoming mixtape 'Chaos & Commotion'. The mixtape will be SOFY’s first project as a proud signee to independent record label Chess Club Records, whose exemplary work has been recognised in their recent nomination for the ‘Best Boutique Label’ as part of the Independent Music Awards, 2023. The label struck whilst the iron was hot, given that SOFY had already made her remarkable debut at Glastonbury, alongside playing 8 other prominent festivals across Europe for her first run, sold out three London, headline shows, including 800-cap venue Lafayette, and even securing a spot on the FIFA 23 soundtrack with single 'Big Talk', alongside esteemed artists FKA Twigs and Rosalía. The single now has an incredible 1 million streams to its title.

The 9-track opus is an applaudable demonstration of the artistic evolution of SOFY and the creative confidence instilled by the rewards she has reaped from earlier releases. Incredibly, the mixtape will be SOFY’s first ever project pressed to vinyl. Just 4-weeks later, SOFY will be embarking on her first ever UK headline tour, with stops in key UK cities Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, and of course her hometown of Leicester. Not forgetting London, of course, SOFY will be hosting an intimate 3-night residency at The Grace, ahead of some very exciting live plans for London in 2024.

It is hard to deny that SOFY has solidified her status as a rising star to keep a close eye on in 2023 and beyond.

'WET PAINT' is out now. Listen HERE @sofysounds


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