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somegirlnamedanna | california

Emerging as one of 2020's most talked about breakthrough artists, somegirlnamedanna has shared her new single and music video entitled 'california' via LAVA / Republic Records.


'california' is a truly accomplished and lyrically fantastic pop track. Her stunning and rich tone and pure vocal talent adds to the endlessly playable beat of this chilled and euphonious number.

On the track, somegirlnamedanna opens up to say,

"Distance and love combined is such a difficult thing. 'california' is about being separated by thousands of miles, and wanting to be with someone, but it just isn't even close to reality. I wrote this from a place of hope, almost a dream state wanting something that doesn't feel realistic.”

somegirlnamedanna has created a beautiful aesthetic for the accompanying video. It's simple, yet a visual masterpiece.

On the video, she says:

“I wanted the video to really feel like a dream, you get these flashes of someone you want and you have no idea where they are or what they are doing. Are they thinking of you at the same time you are thinking of them? There is a little mystery to all of it.”

Making her introduction to the music world only a few months ago, somegirlnamedanna is already making waves, surpassing over a million streams globally with previous released and being selected as the first artist to be featured on MTV Push: First series, which focuses it's global spotlight on a curated selection of exceptional new artists just embarking on the start of their careers.

Born and raised in a remote area of Minnesota, her imagination flourished without television or social media. An antique grand piano in the living room called to her as she repeated melodies and jingles from the radio by ear as a young child.

somegirlnamedanna is not a brand. It is not an image. It is not an alter ego. Instead, it is the story of Anna, “a girl with a name like all of us are.”


Listen to 'california' HERE Instagram: @somegirlnamedanna


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