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Sophia Messa | Ice Cream & Cigarettes

Rising Brazilian-American pop artist Sophia Messa has returned with a smooth, summery bop titled 'Ice Cream & Cigarettes' via Arista Records. This will be the title track from Sophia's debut EP, due for release this Autumn.


'Ice Cream & Cigarettes' is a wonderfully warm and authentic track with a catchy pop chorus and impressively clever lyrics. Sophia's vocal is pure and soft, yet boasts confidence with a strong tone. The track is meaningful with perfectly polished production.

Sophia says: 

“Ice Cream & Cigarettes’ was written at a time in my life when I was trying to distance myself from someone close to me. It was hard for me to separate from this person because they would bring me a temporary feeling of happiness. I knew the feeling would run out, and it was slowly killing me, but I was addicted to the happiness I felt when they were around.”

The accompanying video was shot in quarantine, directed by Miles & AJ (Billie Eilish 'Bellyache').

Sophia Messa is a force to be reckoned with, exuding confidence and candor while being one of the most qualified new acts in the game. Born and raised in New York, Sophia grew up in lower Manhattan, and is a first generation American. It was just last year that she released her debut single 'moneydontfixlonely' and sophomore single 'What Am I Gonna Do With You'.

Fans and critics alike can expect Sophia’s subtly dark, left-of-center pop sound, highlighted by flawless vocals, honest songwriting and irresistibly enjoyable hooks on her forthcoming 'Ice Cream & Cigarettes' EP.


Listen to 'Ice Cream & Cigarettes' HERE Instagram: @sophiamessa


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