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Powering her music with an addictive indie sonics and drawing on empowering yourself through self-worth, Sophie Kilburn's unique brand of melancholic pop sees her baring her all on new single 'Hating on a Heartache' via Luna Sky Recordings.


Taken from her forthcoming EP project, 'Not Bitter Just Bored', the track layers rhythmic drum beats and 70s inspired guitar licks with a nod to the shiny powers of 80s synths. Toying with the emotions of accepting love into your life again after previous negative experiences, 'Hating of a Heartache' details a communication breakdown between partners. With her vocals showcasing a haunting vulnerability, Sophie's painful honesty carries us on her journey of self-protection and the new-found fear of trust.

She explains,

"'Hating on a Heartache' is that early hours fight with your boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever where it ends with one of you storming out, slamming the door and the other left thinking, s**t, I’ve gone too far. It is about carrying the hurt and hate from a past heartache into a new relationship, fearing to love again due to fear of being hurt again. It doesn’t matter what that heartache stems from, but the only way to start moving on is to open up about it and that is on me.”

Born in Derbyshire, but now living in London, singer and songwriter Sophie Kilburn writes honest and relatable narratives that have been connecting with listeners since her debut in 2019. Sophie's indie slash alt-pop is steadily becoming a hit with industry peers with backing from BBC Introducing, which saw her become Track of the Week three times with the East Midlands team, resulting in a live session for BBC Radio Derby, her music has also been played on Amazing Radio, Hoxton Radio and Berlin's Flux FM. With a loyal following supporting her tunes and with the promise to empower fans with her honest song-writing, Sophie Kilburn's future shines bright.

'Hating on a Heartache' is out now.


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