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Sovereign | The Chain

Copenhagen-based three-piece band Sovereign have released their second single entitled 'The Chain'.


'The Chain' features lush soundscapes, dreamy guitar and the instrumental is reminiscent of 80's indie pop, yet with a modern vocal. It's catchy, cool lyrically on point - elements that you need to make a perfect banger. With a fast and invigorating beat, yet chilled and refined overall sound, this is an indie pop classic. Sovereign have proved that they are on an upward trajectory.

Frederik says on the track,

“The idea for ‘The Chain’ came from the conception of two lovers breaking up and realising how difficult that can be when the love is still present. It’s about liberating yourself or another person in the most loving way possible while trying to keep your shit together."

Located in Copenhagen, Sovereign consists of three childhood friends - August, Louis and Frederik. The band hails vast feelings from all over the spectre and encourages their listeners to be in touch with their raw emotions, instead of repressing them, which is often seen in everyday lives.


Listen to 'The Chain' HERE Instagram: @sovereign.cph


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