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SP3CT8RSPORT is an independent artist with a soaring passion towards music. He takes a

low key approach to creating the music he does and also incorporate musical elements

from a wide array of genres.


His latest release 'Roses' takes an interesting approach on a contemporary pop anthem and embodies the thoughts and emotions that occur when you're going through the journey of pursuing someone of romantic interest. The track uses elements from the 80s Retrowave Era in a delectable way all throughout the song - from Pumping Synths to Nostalgic Bells, this song is promised to give the listener a sense of a past characterised by Roaring Nights and Neon Lights. It embodies the thoughts and emotions that occur when one is going through the journey of pursuing someone of romantic interest. 'Roses' incorporates lush synth pads inspired from artists like "The Midnight", with the vocal approach inspired from artists like "The Weeknd".

Growing up, SP3CT8RSPORT was never subjected to one style of music which is why he likes to showcase this inherited diversity through his artistry. Drawing inspiration from an endless list of artists, SP3CT8RSPORT works to carve his own sound with this delicate balance of genre spanning influences and his love for POP music.

He wishes to keep much of his identity anonymous because he believes in something that he calls passive branding. Where one is assumed to possess a certain personality and expected to behave a certain way based on exterior factors, but never recognised for what one truly represents and stands for on the inside. He wants to make it clear that it is his music which get's to tell the strongest story about his life and wants all the focus to the put his on music and music alone. Through the singles, he wishes to tell the story of his life, one song at a time. Taking the listener through a saga, filled with the occurrences in his lonely life and how he feels about the experiences that come his way. It would be reasonable to say that each song is a representation of the artists state of mind at a particular point in time.


Listen to the new release 'Roses' HERE

Instagram: @sp3ct8rsport


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