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Spenz | Loop Of Faith

Spenz has released his new track 'Loop Of Faith' which is the first track of his to feature his own vocals.


'Loop Of Faith' is hard to categorise. It's soulful yet has an electro-pop, EDM and house feel and it builds into a real dance track. It's a real polished track that's perfect for summer and full of character. The vocals keep you hooked for the drop and the change in dynamic at the half way mark is exquisitely done.

"This song is a special one because it tells a story from my personal life and also features my vocals for the first time."

The track tells and expresses the conflict of being in a 'Loop of Faith': are you going to take yet another leap or are you going to give it up? And what does your choice say about you?


Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @spenzofficial


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