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Spin Maddox | Dark Lines

Indie-pop artist Spin Maddox returns with the dirty synth-tinged 'Dark Lines'.


'Dark Lines' features a funky bassline and you can hear a slight jazz influence which is really unique. The track is clever, catchy, and playful whilst also being stylish. It's hard to categorise other than to say it's an electric banger with sweet production, and the guitar and keys sound awesome.

Mixing bouncy melodies with heavy synthesisers, the track plays tribute to early 2000's pop music, influenced by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams.

'Dark lines' is the first offering from Spin Maddox's debut EP, due later this year. Originally from Pittsburgh, the LA based artist is truly passionate about what he does - both songwriting and recording.


Listen to 'Dark Lines' HERE Instagram: @spinmaddox


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