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St Lundi | Heavy Words

St Lundi (Archie Langley) has released his eloquent debut EP titled ‘Heavy Words’ via the influential Propeller Recordings.


The EP features the acclaimed title track as well as ‘You’ve Got the Wrong Guy’, ‘Ruin’, Learn to Let Go’, and ‘Parachute’ and subject wise, centres around the painful breaking up of a relationship. Talking about the new EP, the artist said:

I feel as though I’ve learnt a lot through the process of writing this EP. I have worked with some amazing people and touched on topics that are so raw and real to most, including myself. The title Heavy Words sums this EP up perfectly. It's all about communicating with others, something I know I have struggled with and I know others that do too. I really believe that communication is so important in every aspect of life as it allows us to say how we feel rather than bottling it all up inside.”

Commenting on the title track, St Lundi said:

“Heavy Words was written from the perspective of someone who feels as though their relationship is on the brink of breaking down as they know their partner is holding onto the words they don’t want to hear, words that could end everything. Accepting this is never easy but the only way to get through it is by talking with one another. This song takes you on that journey of realisation.”


Listen to 'Heavy Words' HERE Instagram: @st.lundi


Twitter: @ross_alister


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