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St Lundi | Learn To Let Go

In an effort to capture the pain that comes with falling out of an infatuation, 'Learn to Let Go', pairs St. Lundi’s haunting vocals with a tender, lullaby-like melody.


St. Lundi says:

"I feel like sometimes when falling in love it’s natural to want to spend every minute with one another. But there comes a point in time where you need to take a step back and remember the world still exists around you. It can make you feel like you’re moving in the wrong direction for a moment but you know deep down you need to ‘Learn To Let Go’ for the relationship to last."

The ballad’s simple piano refrain highlights St. Lundis diverse vocal range. The verses of the song are sung deeply and softly. However, when the chorus picks up, it escalates into a high-pitched crescendo. The shift appropriately matches the touching lyrics “It’s alright, release the pressure / Don’t hold tight / We need to learn to let go”

St. Lundi, also known as Archie Langley, is known for his pop songs ‘Ruins' and ‘You’ve Got the Wrong Guy’. Both songs have gathered millions of streams on Spotify, and are showcased in music channels such as Mahogany and BBC Introducing. 

The 22-year old’s emotionally charged lyrics and powerful vocals have gained the attention of notable artists like KYGO. In May, St. Lundi was one of a small number of up-and-coming artists to feature on the DJs new album ‘Golden Hour’.

‘Learn to Let Go’ is featured on St. Lundi’s debut EP ‘Heavy Words’, released through Propeller Recordings on July 24th.


Listen to 'Learn To Let Go' HERE Instagram: @st.lundi

Words by Stephanie Lam.


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