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Stereo Specter | Golden

The brainchild of producer, writer and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Dean, also known as Stereo Specter has unveiled his single 'Golden'.


The alt-rock track is one of those tracks you don't want to end. 'Golden' is cleverly written and can only be described as an incredibly great banger which is skilful and vocally dynamic. The 80's rock sound mixed with his self-described 'sci-fi rock' soundscape reflects the classic rock and roll era. The track was recorded in his native Shoals, AL area, cultivated from years of playing the circuit of clubs and writing in Nashville, TN.

Stereo Specter says on the process of creating 'Golden':

"I wrote and recorded Golden in 2 phases, did the first half at my old house in Goodlettsville, TN and finished it up after I moved back home to Lexington, AL. It was one of those that I tried the chorus a million different ways before settling into the way it turned out. My cousin Garrett Dean was on the drums, Jess Soccorsi (SÜ) laid down those slick BGV's, Ryan Rajagopal engineered the BGV tracking session and Matt Odmark (Jars of Clay) mixed it, otherwise - I played/recorded everything else. Lastly, it was mastered at Infrasonic Sound in Nashville by Pete Lyman."

With his infectious new wave of a classic indie sound, it's clear that Stereo Specter will be on the rise, sooner rather than later.


Listen to 'Golden' HERE Instagram: @stereospecter


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