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Her first release since 2020, Stevie Bill has revealed her new track 'Good luck to your new girlfriend'.


The first taster of Stevie's talents are bundled into the addictive pop, punchy number built with an explosive take-no-s**t attitude. With fuzzy bass line roars, thunderous drums and in-your-face guitars, the single speaks directly to the ex who didn't deserve you, creating a heightened moment of intense pop.

"Good luck to your new girlfriend was written in my Brooklyn bedroom with my roommate Connor. I had just flown in from Amsterdam the day before. No shade to my ex, but I had heard some things about our past that I wasn’t so pleased about, a year after we broke up," Stevie explains. "So I wrote a song to wish his new girlfriend good luck with him. It wasn’t meant as hate to their new relationship, more of an anthem to bring myself peace."

Speaking on the creation of the song, Stevie says:

"We wrote it super fast, the whole song was there in 15 minutes. I was super pissed at the time so I guess the emotion just needed to come out. A few days later my other roommate Jacob flew in from his hometown in Ohio and recorded some sick guitars to give it that rocky, Avril Lavigne-ish vibe. It was such a fun song to make and whenever we play shows all my friends scream the lyrics with me, it feels like a bit of an anthem now, even though no one else knows the song yet."

At just 23 years old, half-Dutch, half-English artist Stevie Bill has been capitalising on her youth. Growing up in Amsterdam, moving to Berlin at 19 to begin writing songs for other artists and gain experience in studios, Stevie has since relocated to New York after being accepted into the prestigious Clive Davis Institute at NYU. Now, spending her time in the city and working with a number of writers and producers that she's met along the way, Stevie is ready to showcase her art to the world.

Combining her love for 90s R&B singers like Toni Braxton and Destiny's Child, with 00s artists like Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears, Stevie finds herself sitting steadily within the realm of future pop. Also citing hyperpop as big inspo, Stevie's relatable stories of ambition, messy relationships and youthful mistakes sees her transforming into an artist with something worth saying - this is new pop at its finest.

'Good luck to your new girlfriend' is out now. Listen HERE @steviebill_


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